How flexible are lease terms?

Typical conventional lease terms can range from 3 – 15 years. This can be an issue when a business struggles to predict their own growth cycles beyond 2 years. This anomaly between the ability to predict expansion and the ability to future proof your office space makes the incorporation of flexibility in your office lease crucial.

City Office Space spends a lot of it’s time negotiating lease terms for occupiers in order to provide maximum security with the added advantage of maximum flexibility. We do this by incorporating renewal and extension options, right to assign and sub-let, termination and contraction options and rights of first offer and refusal. For more information see here.

How do I work out how much office space my company needs?

We work with you to carefully plan how much office space you need.  Either too much, or too little space can be budget breakers.  Having the wrong space can interrupt your business or make it difficult to operate, but there are some techniques that we deploy to get it just right.

First, we need to assess your current situation, and then decide what your expectations are for the growth of your business over the next few years.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many people do I currently employ?
  • Does each employee need an individual desk or is sharing possible?
  • Do I expect to add any staff in the next couple of years?
  • Over what period of time will I add the staff?
  • What kind of staff will I be adding, executive, administrative, or sales?

Knowing how many people you employ now helps you estimate how much space you need today to operate your business comfortably; building in your anticipated growth helps you expand your business without costly interruptions. Read our blog post for more information.

What is agile working?

Agile working is essentially a tool to allow organisations to eliminate any barriers to working efficiently, creating responsive and more effective work. It incorporates themes of flexibility, creating dynamism in a workplace, as opposed to static stations where employees are glued to their desks.

In order to have a functioning agile environment you must shed the boundaries of hierarchies, deconstruct projects through collaborative work and embrace flexibility. Whilst ‘Agile working’ is a multifaceted term, and acts as an umbrella to a varied number of practices, its goal is one and the same, optimizing performance through adaptive collaborative work.

To find out more about Agile Working see our article here.

How much does office furniture cost?

Although the cost of office furniture is impossible to speculate, the options are endless, with different manufacturers catering towards your every need, from low to high price points, with high quality ergonomic chairs for as little as £160 pounds. In addition to the varying price ranges, there is also the option for a finance package, that will spread out the cost over a period of time and allow you to have the office you desire and deserve.

Above all, before jumping online and filling your basket with office furniture, seek out an expert that can come to your door and guide you through the process, with advice and knowledge, ensuring you get the best deal and end up with the right furniture to suit your space.

For more information on the cost of office furniture read our article here.

How much deposit does a landlord take?

The normal method of surety used by landlords is by way of rent deposit.  The landlord and tenant will document  how the deposit is to be held, when it is to be returned and when payment can be taken from it by the landlord.

Typically, the rent deposit is a number of months rent, typically 3-9 months depending upon the length of the lease and other relevant factors.

Whilst the tenant will have no access to the rent deposit, which is usually held exclusively by the landlord, the landlord should account to the tenant for any interest earned on the money that is held.

For more information on deposits see our blog post here.

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