Short Term

Short Term Office Space in the City

Bevis Marks - 6Short term office space (from between 24 – 48 months) is usually available as part of a sublease or assignment and offers tenants the chance to have a space that is fully their own, but without the longer term commitment of longer term lease. Subleases are often popular amongst businesses who want more permanency and ownership than possible in a serviced office, but cannot commit to a 5 year plus contract.

Obtaining short term office space in the City of London requires the help of professionals and would likely consist of either catching a company looking to move mid lease or renting out an empty part of another companies office. This usually occurs when a business quickly outgrows their space and are in desperate need for someone to take over the cost when they move to bigger lodgings. Due to the companies predicament some are even willing to take a loss, as long as someone can cover the majority of the costs.

Leased spaces are priced by the square footage and can vary greatly throughout the City of London. The mixture of buildings on offer range from elegant period properties to cutting edge glass skyscrapers.

If you are looking for a short term office space in the City of London get in touch with one of our commercial property consultants on 020 3434 3860. Alternatively you can email us at