Rent/Lease Reviews

Rent/Lease Reviews

rent reviewsA conventional lease can be an attractive choice for a business owner, providing a degree of certainty and stability however a tenant needs to be aware of the rent review provisions of a typical lease because they can mean that you may be faced with a substantial rental increase in your lease term.

A detailed understanding of the rent review clause in your lease and the local commercial property market can put you in a strong position to negotiate a more favourable lease rent.

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord/head lessee, City Office Space has the expertise to negotiate your rent reviews and lease renewals. At City Office Space, we minimise tenants’ exposure to rental increases and maximise landlords’ rental returns.

Negotiations can be a demanding and contentious affair. From the outset, we establish an understanding of both parties’ objectives and aim to develop a beneficial landlord-tenant relationship.

Here are some of our services

  • Initiate rent reviews when appropriate and seek to agree a negotiated outcome to achieve best value.
  • Take all necessary actions when a landlord has instigated an upward rent review to respond and agree a best value result.
  • Adopt all further necessary actions to achieve best value where a satisfactory agreement cannot be reached.

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For more information on how City Office Space helps our clients with this, as well as a variety of other issues relating to their work space search, please contact us today.