Co-working in The City of London

Co-working in the City of London

The City of London is the beating heart of the capitals financial industries, renowned for its unique and imposing skyscrapers and housing large blue chip businesses. Despite its corporate roots, over the last few years the City has become more inclusive, attracting a new generation of companies that seek its offices for the exceptional functionality they provide.

In just the past 15 years we have seen rapid development across the Square Mile opening the door for a new breed of business to find office space amongst its famed Streets. It is now easier than ever for small businesses to base their company in the heart of the City due to the increasing amount of high quality coworking options available.

Co-working in the City, WeWork Moorgate
Co-Working in the City of London is becoming increasingly popular amongst tech start-ups

For some, the City is overwhelmingly corporate; a never ending sea of suites and too many copies of the Financial Times. But amidst the traditional City office image coworking is becoming ever more popular. The likes of WeWork and The Office Group have made huge strides towards offering flexible and affordable office options for entrepreneurs, SME’s and freelancers. On top of this the City is also home to Fintech incubators, innovation labs and numerous other schemes that aim to grow the latest tech ideas in finance and business.

Co-Working in the City: Benefits

Co-working offices are a hotbed for collaboration and idea sharing and for this reason many large corporations are turning some departments to this way of working. The benefit of this is that now start-ups and freelancers are working alongside some of the biggest businesses in the world.

For new companies looking for investment, support and collaboration, there is no place better than Co-working in the City of London.

Co-working in the City at 3 Lloyds Avenue
Co-working in the City at 3 Lloyds Avenue

Co-Working in the City: Pricing

The price of a co-working membership in the City can fluctuate greatly, with each location offering varying degrees of services. Below is a rough price guide of some of the City’s top co-working centres to give you an understanding of the monthly cost for one desk in one of these business centres.

Business centre                                     Price Guide

50 Liverpool Street                                                       from £250

Moorgate                                                                        from £425

3 Lloyds Avenue                                                            from £250

Devonshire Square                                                       from £225

Warnford Court                                                             from £250

Primrose Hill                                                                   from £450

Aldgate Tower                                                               from £325

33 Queen Street                                                            from £699

Co-working in the City: What’s Included?

Although services vary from building to building, you can typically expect the following from a co-working membership:

  • Desk space
  • High speed internet
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Access to meeting rooms
  • Breakout areas
  • Toilet/Shower facilities

Each co-working office offers their own unique perks and these can range from weekly networking events and industry led talks, to morning yoga sessions and mini golf. It’s probably wise to visit a few co-working offices to gain feel of the environment and decide which would best benefit your business. 

As well as co-working, the City also has some fantastic flexible private offices. See our list of sky high serviced offices here.

Contact City Office Space

If you are interested in co-working in the City of London and would like to view some of the properties mentioned above please get in contact with our team using the details provided below.

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