Month: May 2016

BE Offices roll out refurbishment works across portfolio

BE Offices (formerly Business Environment) have shown faith in demand for high-quality office space by embarking on a mass refurbishment project of their portfolio. This confidence in the market was bolstered by the success of the redevelopment of their business centres in Reading and Wembley; both of which have been quickly filled by large clients […]

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How much does office furniture cost?

Furniture is often left until the last minute in an office move, with many people underestimating the cost of furniture. Whilst it doesn’t need to be expensive, it is important to have a budget for what you require, with room for movement. Sometimes the cheapest option can be the most appealing, but one must consider […]

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How do I work out how much office space my company needs?

At City Office Space, our property consultants are experts in understanding the needs of your company and translating that into an office requirement. We take the time to sit down with every client and learn about their vision for the future, as well as their demands for the present. We work with you to carefully […]

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